Our Vision

is that members of our Jubilee family experience wholeness and enjoy an improved quality of life in Christ free of stress, worry, and financial burdens. 

Our Mission

is to identify and

Develop- individual’s gifts and abilities through instruction

Empower- everyone through the Word of God

Encourage – member to pursue excellence in all things

Propel- people into their destiny through prayer, assisted job

placement and mentoring.

The way to do ministry beyond the surface is to go

D.E.E.P and make adjustments at the roots!


 What we believe:

At Jubilee Training Center, We believe:

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He was crucified died and was buried. On the third day, He rose from the dead and later ascended into heaven, where He remains at the right hand of God Almighty.
  • After death, eternal life begins in either heaven or hell. Where you spend eternity is based on your decision to make Jesus Christ your Savior.
  • That when the Rapture occurs, the dead in Christ will rise first, and then those who are alive and remain (those have received Jesus as their Savior) will be caught up to meet Him in the air.
  • Men who were inspired by God wrote the Bible.
  • In water baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • In the authority of Jesus’ name.
  • In that every believer should be baptized in, indwelled by and filled with The Holy Spirit.
  • That proof of the Holy Spirits indwelling is found in the fruit and gifts of the Spirit.  
  • In divine healing—the restoration of health to those who believe and act on the truths written in God’s Word. We further believe that Jesus is our Healer and that by His stripes we are already healed.
  • Tithes and offerings should be freely given to your local church. The local church is the place of membership where God has called you to receive His Word on a consistent basis and to grow spiritually.
  • In giving alms to the poor, sick, homeless, others in despair and to missions.

Leadership Team:

Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. Our passion and goal is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

Jerome J McGee Sr

is our primary teacher, Jerome Sr has a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture. He has served at JTC for eleven years. He and his wife have four children and three grandchildren. Jerome has ministered in over ten countries, is a published author and is a  board member of Fellowship Covenant Ministries International. Jerome is passionate about missionary work and has a heart for people.

Donna McGee

is not your typical 1st Lady, though she can lead worship or preach on Sunday morning her main responsibility is teaching the youth and leading the children’s program. Donna is a tri-credentialed administrator and teacher in our local school district and closely monitors all instruction as it pertains to our young people. Donna directs out women’s  ministry, serves with several community committees, writes children’s books, directs children’s plays and loves to play challenging sports, but overall, she is passionate about her family, church and teaching. 

Jerome J McGee Jr.

has never been your average preachers son, he loves the Lord, is a gifted musician, an anointed teacher for all age groups and a talented professional athlete. Jerome finished high school with national honors and graduated from the University of California at Davis. He’s married with 2 children, he taught High School English and History in Maryland, is a licensed and ordained minister and the CEO of Jubilee Training Center.

Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of JTC is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. Jubilee members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as vacuuming the carpet after service, to taking out the trash or preparing the bulletins…

Mission Outreach

Honduras, Guatemala, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, and right here in North America Jubilee Training Center provides financial support for those in active service of our Lord. Though believers have been commanded by the Lord Himself to go to the uttermost parts of the world, most believers have the desire to travel, but lack opportunity or lack both opportunity and the desire to travel outside of the United States. One of the many beautiful things about the word is that we can gain credit in the mission field through our financial support of those who travel and or live in country. JTC is blessed to not only have Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who live and work in the aforementioned countries, but to also have  founder / pastor who often travels and ministers to those who serve as well. All of the members are encouraged to prepare themselves for missions both in and outside of the USA. Everyone is expected to provide support on a regular bases.

Music & Drama

God-honoring worship is something we strive for. Many church members get involved in our music and drama ministry. Some play their instruments. Some are vocalists.  Still others get involved in drama. These volunteers are an important part of the ministry of JTC, using their talents and gifts to glorify God.


The usher team at Jubilee fills an important role. They are involved in directing attendees to their seats, ensuring the safety of the building during services,  helping visitors, answering questions, providing direction,  and generally ensuring that the service can proceed problem-free. The usher team is a group of servant-hearted people  whose ministry is integral to Jubilee Training Center.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Jubilee Training Center is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. Each Sunday, before the morning service, a team of volunteers begins praying for the ministry of the Word. Throughout the week, intercessors pray for their pastor, a list of JTC members, any special requests, and missionary prayer needs. Each Wednesday, they come together for a special time of intercession before service to pray for our time of worship and for the word.



How Do I Meet People?

Jubilee Training Center is not a place for spectators. It is a place for T.E.A.M. (together everyone achieves more) members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy parent, or a businessperson with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our Jubilee community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at JTC. Get Involved with our ministries and volunteers.  

At the present there are several opportunities for personal growth through our Training Center and I am confident that at least one of them will accommodate you and or your family:


Jubilee Training Center (JTC) has several ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. Whether you are married or single, a man or woman of any age, student or a child, we have a ministry designed just for you.

Women’s Ministry “P.E.A.R.L.S”

As sisters in one Body, our mission is to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended for her to be. Our goals are to manifest the standards of Christ in every way; to develop in the Love of God; to promote oneness and unity with a sense of family and sisterhood; and to represent the image and display the character of Jesus Christ. We intend to achieve these goals by pursuing the following objectives:

  • To establish small groups for mentoring, encouragement, transparency and accountability
  • To grow in grace and knowledge through women’s ministry Bible Study
  • To host edifying, fun-filled activities, such as luncheons, teas, and retreats
  • To enhance our personal relationship with God through monthly fellowships, events and seminars
  • To encourage women to develop in the character of Christ
  • To teach women to walk in wholeness through the Word of God — spirit, soul and body


Children’s Ministry
Promotes fun while building character and teaching children 12 years old and younger the fundamental principles of Christianity. Each Sunday morning, children get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn. Our lead children’s teacher is a credentialed local school district administrator who screens and closely manages the children’s training. The youth ministry of JTC is recognized for their close interaction.   Youth-Force                                                                                                                Instills positive values in adolescents through creative and biblically sound methods.

Men’s Fellowship “My Brother’s Keeper”
Our mission is to develop strong friendships and accountability among the men of Jubilee Training Center through regular gatherings and group interaction, and ultimately build the character of Jesus Christ into every man who involves himself with the Men’s Fellowship.


The Marriage Ministry  will expose you to Biblical principles on marriage and the proper application of those principles. Through this fellowship, you will come to an understanding on how to improve your self-image, and how to develop a plan for a happy marriage. If your marriage is bad now, you can make it good. If your marriage is good now, you can make it better. You will learn the techniques that many happily married couples used to improve their marriage. These same techniques should be used to keep their marriage great.

This ministry offers Biblical principles for enjoying a fulfilling married life. By actively participating you will discover what God wants you to know about Sex, money management – developing a reasonable budget, the art of effective communication, goal setting, and much more.

Nursing Home Ministry
Conducts weekly visits to those residing in nursing homes and provides individual and group counseling. Gifts are also distributed during the holiday season.

Prison Ministry
This program brings compassion, caring and church services to inmates in correctional facilities in the city of Sacramento. It offers group and individual counseling as well as encouragement through written correspondence. In addition, JTC donates books, and Bibles for the spiritual and mental edification of inmates.

Victory in Education
Promotes academic advancement through a variety of programs and offers assistance in Reading, Math, English and SAT Preparation.

How Do I Volunteer?

All requests to volunteer are processed after the person(s) offering their services has completed our the new members training class

If you are looking for a ministry with an unusual approach to doing the work that Jesus Commanded, this is one of them. If you want to join JTC as we volunteer (first within the Jubilee family then through outreach) in the communities, schools and other ministries, you are the person we’ve been praying would come and we are the  place you’ve been looking for.










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